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Two key questions for Jukebox 2014

Hello all,

I plan to run Jukebox again in 2014. I don't, however, want to run it so late in the year. I have mocked up two possible schedules. I'm trying to avoid clashing with Rarewomen, Shipswap, Not Prime Time, the Exchange at Fic Corner, Rare Pair Fest, and Purimgifts, which are the multi-fandom exchanges that I'm most aware of.

If you are interested in taking part in Jukebox, please comment to let me know how these draft schedules work for you.

Schedule 1
February-March-April (writing between mid March and late April)

Nominations: Sun 23 February - Sun 2 March inclusive
Signups: Wednesday 5 March to Wednesday 12 March inclusive
Assignments out by: Friday 14 March
Assignments due: Thursday 24 April
Stories revealed: Sunday 27 April
Authors revealed: Sunday 4 May

Schedule 2
April-May-June (writing between early May and mid June)

Nominations: Sun 20 April to Sun 27 April inclusive
Signups: Wednesday 30 April to Wednesday 7 May inclusive
Assignments out by: Friday 9 May
Assignments due: Thursday 19 June
Stories revealed: Sunday 22 June
Authors revealed: Sunday 29 June

Which of the proposed schedules would make it more convenient for you to participate in Jukebox this year? (Please reply to this post to answer...)
-Schedule 1 (Feb-Mar-Apr)
-Schedule 2 (Apr-May-June)
-One of the above - but only if you change it in ______ way

Further: In 2013, only fanfiction was included in the exchange. I'm also curious to know if people might want to offer or request art. (If not many people comment to show interest in art options, the exchange will stay fic-only.)

Which categories of media would you be interested in giving and requesting for this exchange? (Please indicate all that apply when you comment)
-I would request fic
-I would offer fic
-I would request art
-I would offer art

Please feel free to add any further thoughts in the comments. Your mod offers her apologies for being a cheapskate who a) doesn't want to pay Dreamwidth so that she can make a poll with ticky options and b) doesn't want to have a poll on LJ but not on DW.
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